Giles Dring

Welcome to my personal website. Who am I again?

Outboard Brain

Accounting for fun

I have spent this evening, as I sometimes do, reconciling bank accounts with credit card statements and categorising household spending. I find this a strangely restful activity.

Being creative in a group

I’ve been playing in a band with some local friends / dads (prosaically known until yesterday as Dad Band, now dubbed Fustians). Every other Friday night we book out a rehearsal studio and bash out a few tunes. We’ve been doing it for six months or so, and having made a decision not to do covers, it’s been interesting to observe the growth of a creative unit.

Daily reflection

Another day, another post. Nothing really to say: I’m just trying to form a habit.

Anonhi — Hopelessness

The first album in this year’s listening is Anohni’s Hopelessness. For those not aware, Anohni is the chosen name of the the artist formerly known as Antony Hegarty. She’s no stranger to the Mercury Prize, having won in 2005 with I Am A Bird Now.

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