Yak shaving

Over the years I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on seemingly useless activity. This has, more often than not, been ultimately useful. Sometimes I beat myself up about this tinkering: it can feel like I’m falling down a hole. That said, recast as continuing professional development (which it definitely could be in many cases), it doesn’t look so bad, somehow.

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Accounting for fun

I have spent this evening, as I sometimes do, reconciling bank accounts with credit card statements and categorising household spending. I find this a strangely restful activity.

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Being creative in a group

I’ve been playing in a band with some local friends / dads (prosaically known until yesterday as Dad Band, now dubbed Fustians). Every other Friday night we book out a rehearsal studio and bash out a few tunes. We’ve been doing it for six months or so, and having made a decision not to do covers, it’s been interesting to observe the growth of a creative unit.

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