Giles Dring

Welcome to my personal website. Who am I again?


Mercury Prize Series 2016

In common with previous years (although not for the last couple of years), I’ve decided to listen to all the Mercury Prize nominees and write up a brief review of each.

Signing off for Christmas

Yesterday morning I had an epiphany. Well, actually I had a full english breakfast, but before that I made the decision to dramatically reduce my use of social media until the new year.

What was I doing before I was so rudely interrupted?

I've just read Clay Shirky's piece on Medium (via Rands' post) about the detrimental effect that multitasking can have on thought work. It set me thinking (yet again!) about the distractions that form an integral part of my work context, both in terms of interruptions from my laptop (e.g. work-related instant messaging, the tendency to overcheck email) and the office context (e.g. people walking up, phone calls).

Reflections on reflection

I missed my appointment with reflection yesterday, by which I mean both "failed to" and "felt the lack of". While I'm not giving myself a hard time over it, it's interesting to note that what was a relatively new practice had quickly become critical to my way of working.

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