So Far So Good

Second time’s a charm! I technically finished the Sofa To So Far plan that Jimmy wrote for me a couple of weeks ago. This is after about a month off in the middle with injury and camping holidays. Thing is, I didn’t really finish it. We were away and I was running unfamiliar routes in “wild country”, plus my route tracker dropped about one and a half kilometres of the track. Very unsatisfying.

Anyhow, today, with less of me under my belt (I’ve been watching my weight) and the beautiful autumn sun, off I went. It’s amazing to think back to when I started this programme and compare with how I felt today. The running was so easy! Not the entire time, and there were still a couple of moments when I had a short stroll, specifically in the final kilometre. I found myself correcting my stride and thinking back to all the tips I’ve picked up. Lookit me! I’m a runner!

I didn’t smash my 5k best. That was set about 2 minutes faster when I ran with my friend Cat last year. Turns out having a pace buddy can seriously spur you on. I do recall nearly dying. It was also along a nicer section of the canal, sadly currently closed for work.

Today I was accompanied by a playlist which definitely helped with the pacing. Particularly the Pelican track.

So where next? I reckon I’m going back to the start and doing it all again, but this time straying from the canal towpath and hitting some of the hilly trails near my home. Using the gradual increase to build some more stamina sounds like a good idea. Wish me luck!