Sure Shot

Well. What a weekend. I wasn’t expecting much, ‘cause of the crap mood I’ve been in since getting angry with the government announcing new COVID restrictions in my area. Properly bummed out and unmotivated.

Dragged myself out on a 10-20-10 (easy-tempo-easy) run yesterday, and smashed a segment on my route knocking PB from 5:37 to 4:46. It was actually in the “easy” section at the end, but I was feeling good, and I’d gone off too fast in the first 10 and struggled through the 20 minutes of supposed tempo pace (actually about the same as the “easy” interspersed with elements of walking). Decided to go for it and redeem myself! Glad I did.

Then today I managed to keep running for the full 30 minutes. This was more of an achievement than the PB smash, to be honest. I really feel like I got the pacing right.

The Beastie Boys Ill Communication helped…

Looking forward to the next (final!) two weeks.