A Change Will Do You Good

Second run of Sofa To So Far, and this time I was accompanied by Gang of Four. More mid-tempo stuff, but with some aggression this time. I reckon I need to put together a running punk playlist.

Sore quads from Tuesday’s run, but managed to run for the first 10 mimutes with few problems. I worked quite hard on ‘easy running’, having had a chat with Jimmy about this. I’ve a definite tendency to head off too fast (cycling too), so this is really going back to school. The second half of the run comprised 2 minute fast followed by 2 minute slow intervals. I’d been advised to just move my legs faster rather than lengthening my stride. I found myself thinking about how when I first got into road cycling, I had to learn to cycle at a high cadence and let the gears to the work. This felt quite similar. On the evidence of today — slow pace indistinguishable from fast pace — I’ll need to learn similar lessons related to running.

Another rest day tomorrow.