Running To Pink Flag

My first Sofa to So Far run, and I’m sticking with the spirit by listening to one of the most inflential bands that no-one has ever heard. Listen to Pink Flag, and you can hear 1980s US Hardcore (not to mention 1990s Elastica). They were and are vehemently not a punk band. What they did, and did brilliantly, is took the sounds and textures and excitement of punk music and used it as a tool to craft minimalist masterpieces.

Didn’t quite get up as early as I’d have liked, but did it. It was an easy run day, and I was pleased with how long I kept a pace up. Certainly in the first half of the run. It’s a much more organic system than C25k, which I think will suit me in the long run. Onwards.

Pink Flag, by the way, was an inspired choice. Not too fast, but occasional lyrics such as “Start to move” and “I’m moving in a straight line” helped keep me going.