Running Like A Punk

I’m starting something exciting today. I’ve dabbled with running a few times in the past, but never really made it part of my daily routine. Completed Couch to 5k, and then didn’t carry on. I didn’t go straight back to the couch, but the lack of a structured programme meant it was much easier to not run than run. It’s not just running: I’ve trained for and completed long cycling sportives and then having reached my goal, found that the impetus to keep getting on the bike has dropped off.

A series of odd events occurred over the last week which will hopefully change that. A twitter acquaintance (we are friends because of Mike Watt, but that’s another story) alerted me to the Jimmy Watkins review of Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables. If you’ve not seen it, it’s worth it. The full review is on YouTube. Anyway I digress. I followed Jimmy, and at some point he tweeted offering training plans. I idly responded, not expecting anything. I didn’t bargain for how enthusiastic he is. To be honest, the Dead Kennedys review ought to have clued me in.

Long story short, after a twitter DM chat and a couple of emails, I’m now the proud posessor of a tailored Running Punks training plan.

Today is day one. A rest day. Ideal! I thought I’d use the time to reflect on why I’m doing it and how I’ll be successful. My goal here is not to complete the course: it’s to get to a point I can get out and run up the hills for an hour or so. There are fringe benefits: I’ll be healthier and lighter (currently weighing in at 101.9 kg - no, not 102 kg: the 0.1 kg is important). As a man approaching 50 in a sedentary job, I’m aware that I need to be more active.

Let’s go!