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Welcome to my personal website. Who am I again?

Daily reflection

Another day, another post. Nothing really to say: I’m just trying to form a habit.

A few observations from the day:

  • My commute was accompanied by three excellent podcasts: 99 Percent Invisible, In Our Time and The Bugle. In particular, the Kepler IOT was fascinating. Must read more about him.
  • When working on intangible capability delivery, user stories are not a great vehicle. Something like capability statements (e.g. We can create a new Virtual Machine from an OVF using PowerCLI) feels more meaningful. It’s a way of placing acceptance criteria at the forefront of developers minds. It’s also a very powerful means of explaining intangible stuff to non-technical people. May also help with testing.
  • I must get better at turning down meetings, or making priority calls. Two hours in my life I won’t get back!
  • Had a good meeting with a key stakeholder. He is in some opposition to another key stakeholder and it feels like I should align myself to the one I met today.

More on all of this later.

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