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Resolutions 2017

I’ve made some New Year’s resolutions

  • Blog more
    I’ve periodically found blogging a great way of building reflection into my working practices. I resolve to do more of it.
  • Do it now!
    As one of the world’s great procrastinators, I resolve to act more urgently. I’ve made a good start by starting to get my financial planning sorted out. (NB This almost made it to the resolution list in it’s own right.)
  • Practice guitar more
    I have started playing with a bunch of friends every other Friday night. I’m now acutely aware that I can fall back to tried and tested riffs. I resolve to improve my playing.

There are other things that I want to ensure I prioritise, but won’t make specific resolutions about them. Three feels like enough. For my reference, more than anything else, they are:

  • Prepare fresh food with the kids (for me too!)
  • Build the local small/medium business support work, which I find massively rewarding.
  • Check social media much less
  • Get to bed earlier (ironically, I’m writing this at 11:13 PM)
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