Hindsight Is 2020

It’s been, I think we can all agree, somewhat of an odd year. I thought I’d round it out with some things that bought me joy in 2020.

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So Far So Good

Second time’s a charm! I technically finished the Sofa To So Far plan that Jimmy wrote for me a couple of weeks ago. This is after about a month off in the middle with injury and camping holidays. Thing is, I didn’t really finish it. We were away and I was running unfamiliar routes in “wild country”, plus my route tracker dropped about one and a half kilometres of the track. Very unsatisfying.

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Sure Shot

Well. What a weekend. I wasn’t expecting much, ‘cause of the crap mood I’ve been in since getting angry with the government announcing new COVID restrictions in my area. Properly bummed out and unmotivated.

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World As A Waiting Room

Final run of week one - it was optional, so I didn’t feel too bad having a 5 minute sit down in the middle! Felt really good for the first 5 or mins, like I was in a real flow. I think the fluency and stamina will come as I run more (and the weight comes off). I again justified the periods of walking by ensuring I keep enjoying running.

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